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It's perhaps the EASIEST cash you'll EVER earn!  From September 12th until we've run out of money, we're givin' Southern Idahoans a chance to win CASH MONEY.  We're calling cell phones, businesses, and even home phones with one simple question... "WHAT RADIO STATION DO YOU LISTEN TO?"  If we call you and ask YOU, just SAY it!  HOT 100 FM!  By doing so, you'll instantly score $25, $50 or $100 in no-strings-attached cash!  Use it to buy dinner... pay a bill... or spoil yourself with a day at the spa!  You can spend it however you like.  Just remember... if we call you and ask you what radio station you listen to, just SAY it!  HOT 100 FM!  You can increase your chances of getting a call from us by filling in the form below.  Thanks for listening - and GOOD LUCK from The Magic Valley's Hot 100 FM!

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