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DAY PREP – 10/18/17 - Brought to you by D. L. Evans Bank, local Idaho-based community bank since 1904. Serving our communities  then, now and tomorrow.

The Candidate Forum for Filer Mayoral and City Council Candidates to reach voters and help them make an informed decision about those running for city office this election cycle is tonight at 7 at the Filer Middle School Auditorium. Doug Maughan will moderate the event.  The forum is free and open to the public.

In recognition of Domestic Violence Month, Voices Against Violence will hold a Candlelight Vigil tomorrow at Twin Falls City Park.  The vigil will honor those who we have lost to domestic violence and to recognize those who survived. Victims will share their stories, and the event will also feature live music and poetry. Survivors of domestic violence and their families are invited to speak as well.  The event runs from 6 'til 8.

The annual Stricker After Dark event will be held this Friday and Saturday night at the historic Rock Creek Stage Station and Stricker Homesite.  At this year's Stricker After Dark, guests will be taken on a candlelit tour of the Stricker home, which was built in 1900. As the tour guides take guests through the house, they will tell you spooky stories about the home and property. The house tour is recommended for ages 6 and up, and children cannot be carried on the tour.  Guests are also invited to take a moonlit stroll through the grounds of the site, sit by a roaring campfire, and visit the Interpretive Center.  Cost is $5 per person, with all proceeds going to preserve and maintain the Stricker property.

Have lunch with the witches at Nature Nursery & Markets this Saturday from 11 ‘til 4.  The event includes trick or treating, a bakery, face painting, fortune telling, pumpkin decorating and even a Halloween parade at noon!  Cost is five bucks per person and that includes lunch.  Again, it’s this Saturday from 11 ‘til 4 at Nature Nursery & Markets, 120 East Highway 81 in Burley.

The Twin Falls County Fair Foundation's 'Anything Potato' cook-off is this Saturday from 5:30 'til 8 in Twin Falls COunty Fairgrounds Merchant Building #3.  Cost is $20 per family or $10 per person and $4 for kids aged 5 to 11.  If you'd like to ENTER the cook-off, all organizations, service groupsandr individuals are welcome to do so.   Any recipe containing potato as an ingredient is eligible.  Each group or individual entry must cook and provide enough 2 oz. samples for 200 people.  Cups and utensils will be provided.   The attending public will make their choice for the best of "Anything Potato."  For more information call the Twin Falls County Fair Office.


MAGIC VALLEY CINEMA 13 (MAGIC VALLEY MALL):  The Foreigner, Happy Death Day, Blade Runner 2049, The Mountain Between Us, My Little Pony: The Movie, American Made, Flatliners, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Lego Ninjago Movie, It & Despicable Me 3

CENTURY STADIUM 5 (BURLEY): Happy Death Day, Blade Runner 2049, The Mountain Between Us, American Made, The Lego Ninjago Movie, It

MAGIC LANTERN THEATERS (KETCHUM)Brad’s Status, mother!, Blade Runner 2049, Battle Of The Sexes, The Mountain Between Us & American Made

For showtimes and advance tickets, CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE THEATER ABOVE.




TONIGHT - 10.18 – Bob Dylan – Eccles Theater – Salt Lake

THURSDAY – 10.19 – Huey Lewis & The News – Eccles Theater – Salt Lake

SATURDAY – 10.21 – Luke Bryan & Brett Eldredge – Usana Amphitheatre – Salt Lake

NEXT WEDNESDAY, 10.25 – Kesha – Rockwell @ The Complex – Salt Lake



WEDNESDAY:  Sunny & 74


THURSDAY:  Sunny & 75

FRIDAY:  Showers & 52

SATURDAY:  Partly Cloudy & 56

SUNDAY:  Sunny & 65



Question of the Day:  Now, the obvious answer here is money.  So ASIDE from that, what’s something someone borrowed from you that you ever got back?  Do you know where it went?  Do you think you’ll EVER get it back?  I borrowed a former co-worker my nice two-man Samuel Adams tent that I got from a promo guy – and he lost it in a divorce.  That’s correct, HE lost MY tent in HIS divorce.  Your turn…  (Broc)  JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!




I just want to preface this story with the fact that I KNOW I’ve been covering the Harvey Weinstein thing and all of it’s fallout extensively – but that’s because I think it’s important as a member of the media to spread stuff like this as if it were wildfire… because for the first time in possibly forever, women in showbiz feel like they have every bit as much a voice if not MORE of a voice than men – and in my opinion and hopefully yours too, that’s how it SHOULD be.  It’s not just showiz, either – in MANY professions, leadership is dominated by powerful men who think they have this indestructible ability to force women into many situations only so that they may have the CHANCE to become an equal… and frankly, that’s stupid – and there’s lots of women NOW who have been given the stage, the spotlight, and the microphone to say as much.  That’s STUPID and not fair.  Today’s whirlwind of accusations, drops, and step-downs comes from head of Amazon Studios Roy Price.  Yesterday, he resigned from his position as studio head after an allegation that he had harassed a television producer working on one of his shows.  Price’s departure, confirmed by an Amazon Studios representative, comes less than a week after he was placed on unpaid leave following accusations made by Isa Hackett, an executive producer on the Amazon drama series “The Man in the High Castle,” that he made lewd remarks and unwanted advances in 2015.  Hackett said much of what I just ranted about in response to Price's departure.  She said in a statement, "An important conversation has begun about the need to create a culture in our industry which values, respect and decency and rejects the abuse of power and dehumanizing treatment of others.  This is truly an opportunity to find a better way forward, and ultimately toward a balanced representation of women and minorities in leadership positions.”

And as more and more women come forward to share their own stories of harassment in their Hollywood workplaces, this one should give all of those who love the great, late Carrie Fisher yet another reason to adore her.   Heather Ross, also known as Heather Robinson, is a television and movie industry vet who recently told a morning radio show in Tucson about an ugly run-in she had with an overly aggressive unnamed Oscar winner. Her story, however, took a surprise twist because of the actions of the late Carrie Fisher.  Ross, a screenwriter and producer, told one radio morning show on Monday that in 2000, she moved to California, a bright-eyed hopeful eager to make it in the entertainment business. She already had connected with some industry folks on AOL, striking up a friendship with the “Star Wars” actress.  She also connected with an unnamed Oscar-winning producer — not Weinstein — who agreed to take her to lunch.  Ross said she did not have any qualms or worries seeing the A-lister. Their talk online had been all business and because she was what she believed to be overweight, she felt safe thinking that she wouldn't be attractive to this guy AND she wasn't looking to become an actress.  But, things turned south in a hurry and I'll spare you the details of what this sleaze did because as I've said time and again, we're a family show and on in lots of school buses this morning - but Carrie Fisher's response to this dirtbag's actions was fantastic.  A few weeks after the incident, Carrie Fisher told Ross that she had seen the producer.  “She said, ‘I just saw blank at Sony Studios. I knew he would probably be there, so I went to his office and personally delivered a Tiffany box wrapped with a white bow."  When Ross asked what was inside, Fisher said: “It was a cow tongue from Jerry’s Famous Deli with a note that said, ‘If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.”  I'll let you decipher the message.

And finally, Georgia fashion designer Mychael Knight, who was a finalist on the popular TV competition show "Project Runway," passed away yesterday.  He was 39.  Knight died outside Atlanta surrounded by family and friends.  An official cause of death has not been released, but Knight had extensively shared his five-year struggles with irritable bowel syndrome, writing in now-deleted Facebook posts that he suffered chronic abdominal pain, a "leaky gut," extreme fatigue and exhaustion.  His family said "Mychael meant everything to us and we loved him dearly. He was generous and so full of life. This is how we choose to remember his legacy."  Rest in peace, Mychael Knight.