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This morning's show took an unexpected detour as details of last night's horrific Las Vegas massacre unfolded in real-time. It was truly one of the most difficult shows I've had to get through as it hits so close to home. I've been to many of conventions and concerts in Las Vegas, and GOING to concerts is one of my favorite things to do. To think that these 22,000 people - those lucky enough to have survived the attack - will forever be terrified of attending something that's supposed to be a fun and relaxing escape is heartbreaking. Moving forward, I'm anxious to return to our regularly scheduled happy banter tomorrow, with the question of the day, Hollywood Headlines, Day Prep and the like. I'll just throw this out there one more time - Las Vegas needs blood. The next blood drive in Southern Idaho is this Friday at Peace Lutheran Church in Filer from 9a 'til 2p. Note that if you recently donated at our Bleed For The Need event - THANK you - but you're not eligible to donate again for eight weeks, or 56 days following your previous donation. If you ARE eligible, schedule your donation time on the American Red Cross app - ESPECIALLY those with Type O Negative blood. Radio friends in Las Vegas have said that there's an outpouring of support in the city today, with people uniting and lining up for hours to give blood. Having said that, PLEASE, if you can donate, do so on Friday. In closing, I look forward to tomorrow's normal show structure, and tonight will keep victims and their families in my hearts as I hold onto my wife and son with loving arms, not knowing when it might be my last chance to do so. #PrayForVegas